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I'm Alana. Photos is what I do. I'm more of a fly on the wall style photographer. Capturing those moments in an unobtrusive way. Capturing you in a natural perspective. I love what I do, I have so much passion for it and I think my family think I'm a bit crazy for how much I do love it, but honestly I need my camera, it's my outlet. I would love to be able to put this passion into your event or portraits and tell a visual story for you. Please get in touch. Happy to meet for a coffee (love coffee) and a chat! 

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About me

Carb lover. Pasta is life. Could eat it everyday.

Seinfeld freak.

I sleep talk. Probably why I need an hour in the morning with two coffees to just adjust to life. But once this is done, I’m ready to roll.

Mint aerobars. Weird choice for chocolate but got this craving in my second pregnancy and haven’t looked back.

Love karaoke. Can’t sing. Will always have a go.

I cried in Home Alone. Sad.

Love wedding cake, probably why I’m a wedding photographer, but not as much as I love photographing it. I love looking back at photos seeing those connections and raw natural moments.